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Nigel Millin

Nigel has spent 42 years in the motor trade, he has been fortunate enough to work with some exceptionally skilled people over the years. Nigel is particularly skilled at welding, which unfortunately gave him the task of creating our new reception desk much to his amusement. He learnt a lot from the old style craftsman where they used to even make their own panels and actually forming and shaping metal work rather than just hammering into place, and a weld  being a true weld.  He did specialist welding for lots of local garages including main dealers.  Nigel still feels passionate about what he does and loves to see a completed job, neat and tidy, restoring as new. Although he was brought up with gas welding and braising he has moved with the times gathering skills and technics in mig and tig welding as it has evolved. Welding is his speciality but he has also been a mechanic for the majority of his life and has his skilled city and guilds motor vehicle technician qualification at South Devon College, as well as recently becoming an MOT tester in the last 5 years. Nigel has ran his own business for 33 years and prides himself in customer service, his businesses have always been built on customer recommendations, never advertising until his latest business  here at TQ1 MOT Centre, where Georgie has forced him to move forward with the times with the dreaded Facebook etc. 

Georgie Millin

Georgie is 24 years old, after doing her A Levels at Stoodley Knowle School she decided to go against the norm of university and run a business. She has always been interested in business development and after leaving school decided to join her dad in his new business venture of TQ1 MOT Centre. Initially it was just a job helping out for 6 months before she went travelling but soon realised that she loved running a business and couldn't wait to come back. Ever since she has been running TQ1 MOT Centre for 5 years now, learning thousands of new skills no university could teach. She taught herself how to create and manage websites and how to run a business successfully.  She loves all the challenges involved in the day to day running and being a woman in the motor trade offers ease to our customers.