Motorcycle MOT Tests in Torquay

TQ1 MOT Centre Service & Repairs in Torquay, provide motorcycle MOT testing and MOT repair work. Conveniently situated in Torquay, our garage serves motorcyclists in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Newton Abbot.

Just like other vehicles, new motorbikes over three years old must have an MOT test done annually to ensure they are safe and roadworthy, you should also have it serviced regularly to ensure it remains in good working order.

If your motorcycle fails its MOT test, one of our approved technicians will explain the exact reasons it failed and provide a quote for any repair work if required.

TQ1 MOT Centre Service and Repairs offer a free Motorcycle MOT retest within 10 working days.


Common motorcycle MOT failures

A lot of motorcycle MOT failures are to do with their lights. The failure could be due to:

-        Electrical or wiring faults

-        Broken bulbs, either in the headlights, rear lights, brake lights or indicators

Another common reason motorbikes fail an MOT test are the tyres. The minimum legal requirement for tread depth is 1mm across three quarters of the width of the tyre tread pattern, for scooter or motorbike engines over 50cc. General wear and tear is common with motorcycle tyres, but these are things that can lead to an MOT test failure:

Visible signs of the ply or cords exposed

Cuts which go down to the cords

Separation and failure of the structure

Motorbike number plates can also be the culprit. A poorly placed screw can be misleading or the inscription might be illegible through wear and tear.

We’d therefore suggest giving your motorcycle a thorough inspection before you take it in for an MOT. Ensure you check the horn, brakes and lights are all working correctly. Check the frame for any damage, and make sure there are no leaks from the hydraulic brake and fuel systems.

Fixing these common faults before the motorbike MOT test, will really help you save money over the long run.